The Janus Project

janusThe Janus Project is the name of a project I have just completed on another blog  as “Pherecrates”(recent posts there are shown at the bottom of the page).

Each day in 2013 I picked a headline from the News and presented a story behind it in verse form.  In essence it’s a Social Commentary in verse on the events of 2013.

Why Janus?  Because headlines often look back or generate memories of the past as well as reflecting potential future events or problems; also Janus is normally portrayed in profile and I’m trying to give a sideways take on issues wherever I can.

It is based on the news headlines of each day as displayed on the internet.  Principal sources are:  BBC, ITV, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and generic news sources such as Reddit, Yahoo, Google, Talktalk.

The verse may be serious, humorous, ridiculous, satirical, descriptive, a story.  It could be formal structured verse (such as a rondeau or sonnet) or free verse, rhymed or unrhymed – anything goes, no rules!!  Something for everyone, I hope.

If  you’re interested in such a random collection of curious verse just visit the blog …….

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