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Falling Down



This is a lament of a different kind today.  Thanks to Matt Bellamy of Muse for allowing me to reproduce the lyrics here of the song “Falling Down”.  It reflects the feelings of growing up in a small seaside town, but it could also symbolise the angst of youth and the place where they live wherever it may be in the country.

It caused a bit of a stir when it was released as part of the Showbiz album.  But as local councillor and youth worker Mary Kennedy reflected at the time:

“I think we should listen to what young people say about the town and try and make it more appealing for them …. it is surprising how many want to come back after they have travelled around a bit and seen other parts of the country”

Falling Down
(Matt Bellamy, Muse)

I’m falling down, and 15,000 people scream
They were all begging for your dream

I’m falling down, 5,000 houses burning down, yeah
No-one is gonna save this town

[Chorus #1]
Too late, I already found what I was looking for
You know it wasn’t here, no it wasn’t here

I was calling your name
But you wouldn’t hear me sing
You wouldn’t let me begin

So I’m crawling away
‘Cuz you broke my heart in two, yeah
No I will not forget you

[Chorus #2]
Too late, I already found what I was looking for
You know it wasn’t you. No, it wasn’t you. No

Falling away, you never see me fall
No I could not forget you

Falling down, a thousand houses burning down
No-one is gonna save this town

[Chorus #2]

Falling down, now the world is upside down
I’m heading straight for the clouds

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Shaldon Bridge

Old Shaldon Bridge

Old Shaldon Bridge

In the last post we crossed the Teign by the ferry, as would have Keats.  But in 1827 the longest wooden bridge in the country, almost a third of a mile long, was constructed across the river to join Teignmouth and Shaldon.  The bridge has had a chequered history, suffering the ravages of the environment and shipworm which have caused it to be rebuilt several times.  The bridge is still an iconic feature of the estuary – Muse and the Olympic flame crossed it in 2012.  The views from the bridge are stunning, both across the Salty down to the sea and upriver towards the heights of Dartmoor.  It was the inspiration for this poem by Kim Edwards.

Shaldon Bridge
(Kim Edwards)

There I was across the bay walking not an hour ago.
Now here I am.
If I had stayed where my eyes rest now
time would have moved on
the tide would still have filled the bay.
Spin drift still settled into inland emptiness
Just as now.

Would I have had to run and rush like this tide beneath this bridge
To catch myself here,
To fill the places in me emptied of your presence
My life’s landscape emptied of those I once knew, without knowing as my people
Washed out to that sea and emptied of their own lives
Taken like so much cliff face fallen
On the outgoing tide of Time, that vast majority element
That holds us all within this very moment.

Standing on the bridge my inner eye rests upon places where
The people I lived amongst lived as my organs live
Amongst one another deep within my overcoat of membrane and skin
All who once were part of me and I of them
No more mine now than my own life feels is mine
Stranger in it that I am
Filled with the flotsam and jetsam of other people’s lives
I no longer recognise nor truly fit within my own.

As here I stand now empty, alone
Filled with longing for the home of belonging I once knew
The tides turn, turn once more
Returning I turn, walk on.

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Haiku Serenade

Haiku Serenade Sculpture

Haiku Serenade Sculpture

Poems from Pellew’s time are often long and obviously written in a flowery, grandiose and hyperbolic language that seemed appropriate for the time. So I need to intersperse them with some more ‘readable’ verse, for my own sanity as much as anything!

So, back to the Teignmouth sculpture TRAIL – this time from 2013. Some previous posts have contained poems about art in Teignmouth, whether that be ‘classical’ art from Turner or modern street art. In 2013 there was a piece in the sculpture trail which combined art and poetry – Haiku Serenade.

I like the idea of bringing together different senses in a single art form which was at the heart of Haiku Serenade. The recycled bench framework had a simple black and white linear design analogous to a musical stave. The “notes” on the stave were haikus celebrating Teignmouth from its birth 250 million years ago on the equator to the present day. Hanging tiles clinking in the wind brought sound. The whole was the serenade.

The original piece had the theme of ‘Summertime in Teignmouth’. Others were invited to contribute to that theme with their own haikus. Thanks to Don Pearson and Meredith Matthews for their contributions.

Haiku Serenade

(Various authors)

俳句 セレナーデ

Summer in Teignmouth.
Calm sea: soak, splash, swim, sail, sigh.
Rough sea: ride the surf.

Matt, Chris, Dom they are
music that’s travelled so far.
You can call them MUSE

Summer in Teignmouth.
The pier, bands, gigs, vintage cars.
Coolest place on earth.

Fish and chips, yum yum.
Childhood beach time, never glum.
Memories of fun.

Summer in Teignmouth.
Balmy nights by back-beach bars,
Pints, music, muse, mirth.

Fairground laughter rings.
A man squats on the dry grass
Weeping for his youth.

Summer in Teignmouth.
Eroded breccia beaches
from equator’s birth.

Flying ant day dawns:
The glut is unheralded,
Swifts still sleep aloft.

Fallen from its nest,
A gull chick pleads to be fed.
The knowing fox waits.

Summer in Teignmouth.
TRAIL, artefacts recycled,
showing sculpture’s worth.

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