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The Pier at Teignmouth

Teignmouth Pier a Pictorial History

Teignmouth Pier a Pictorial History

Almost finished on the Den.

I found another poem about Teignmouth Pier which was hiding in Viv Wilson’s Book “Teignmouth Pier a Pictorial History”. Thanks to Viv for allowing me to post this.

I think the interesting thing about all three recent poems about the pier is how memories are created around an inanimate object like the pier. They are individual memories but at the same time shared through the nature of interactive experience. This was also reflected recently in a television programme about someone’s childhood memories of holidaying in Shaldon and Teignmouth.

The Pier at Teignmouth
(Ron Warne)

During my carefree youthful years
‘Twas the meeting place of all my peers.
In fact it was the centre of the known universe
With wordly talk of things diverse.

The war had finished, the Yanks had gone
The days were happy and the sun shone
The pleasure boats had returned to the beach
A trip to the Parson and Clerk cost a shilling each.

The view from the pier was all a young man could wish.
If you wanted you could always fish
Or take a trip in a boat from the end of the pier –
Pity it was shut for most of the year.

There was Leo and Wally, Ferdie and Ken,
We really were the lords of the Den.
Then along came Roy, his dad was a cop;
He lived in Station Road over the shop.

While Evelyn Hardy and her All Girls’ Band played
We listened and watched and were sometimes amazed
At the skill of the dancers who took to the floor
There was no way you could get us through the door.

We were quite innocent then and girls were mostly a bore
But time moved on at the pier by the shore.
We became distracted
By girls so attractive.

Our carefree years came sadly to an end
For wives and children we had to fend.
I often wonder as I try to recall
If youth were so idyllic after all.

(Note: the poem is dedicated to the boys and girls who touched Ron’s life during this time)

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