Poet Clan and the Poetry Festival

Festival brochure front pageYesterday was the end of the first Teignmouth Poetry Festival.  Thanks to Ronnie Aaronson, Ian Chamberlain, Jennie Osborne  and Graham Burchell for organising this fantastic event.

To mark the end of the festival I wrote ‘Poet Clan’.  It was written very quickly so I plagiarised from Coleridge’s Kubla Khan.  Like Kubla Khan it is unfinished – there is a first stanza and third stanza but the second stanza is missing.  Maybe one day it will be completed!

Inspiration for it came from:

Don Pearson – the idea of taking an existing poem so that I could start quickly.  His poem “Piper of Teignmouth” will be appearing on the blog soon.

Andy Brown who led one of the sessions at the festival and revealed that he often set himself rules in writing, creating some variety and challenge.  I set myself a rule of using three particular words.

Roselle Angwin who led another of the sessions and in the course of that provided me with the three words I chose for the rules – numen, haibun and cynghanedd.

Numen represents the concept of an omni-present divinity or spirituality (not necessarily religious) which interconnects the universe and engenders mystery, awe and attraction.

Haibun is a Japanese prose poem form, usually a tight short story in which is embedded one or more related haikus.

Cynghanedd means harmony in Welsh and represents the lyricism of sound, alliteration and rhyme which form the underlying rules of traditional Welsh poetry.

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