Beaver Soul

Beaver Soul

Beaver Soul

The following is extracted from a review of Judy Hogan’s chapbook, Beaver Soul, by Sharon Ewing:

These poems should be read slowly and savored.  Beaver Soul is a collection of meditations evoked by a closely observed world of nature ranging from the Haw River in North Carolina to the Russian countryside of Kostroma, and ending on the banks of the River Teign in Devon, England.  Through a seamless blending of the language of metaphor with the descriptive language of the empirical natural world, the poet discovers and shares with us her insights.  She both shows and tells us of her journey …..

….. on the banks of the River Teign in Devon, she again meditates on the meaning of love: (Beaver Soul 27).  It is October, an afternoon without sun, and the subject is Love.  The poet accepts the dying year and the coming winter as revealing ‘the truth of Love.’  This final poem is, appropriately, a paean to love, a hymn of praise and thanksgiving, informed by what the poet has learned through long study of Nature and the acceptance of paradox: ‘You can have all the love you/ want if you aren’t greedy.’  It is appropriately a paean to the sun, for it was Apollo, the Sun God, to whom ancient paeans were first offered.  The meditations close with a promise: ‘And/ every year the graceful grasses/ stretch up because the sun,/ of course, leans down. …..

….. Judy Hogan is indeed a singer of songs, a maker of the world she presents to us in her poems. And our world is richer for the making.”

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