Royal Clarence Theatre

I know very little about this theatre.  Thanks to Tacy Rickard for this small amount of information that she has managed to ferret out for me.

The Royal Clarence Theatre was built in Coombe Vale Road in 1821 by Sir Warwick Hele Tonkin who was also, as we have already seen, a friend and patron of the renowned harpist Elias Parrish Alvars. The theatre survived until 1840 and was then demolished. Why? There must be an interesting story behind that.

There is no surviving picture of it but, from various sources, we think it was circular or multisided and had a timber structure, which was boarded and clad with slates. There were possibly three entrances and it was supposedly suitable for equestrian performances as well as drama. When it was dismantled the timber joists were 23 feet long. There were staircases, so it probably also boasted a balcony. As well as being a venue for visiting companies and musicians it was also used for amateur theatre.