The Back-Beach Boyz

Back Beach Boyz

Back Beach Boyz

The Back-Beach Boyz are a Teignmouth sea shanty crew, who rehearse at the Old Workshop (Red Rock Brewery) Higher Humber Farm, Bishopsteignton, Devon. They perform at charity events, and if it’s not a charity event a donation to a selected charity for the night is welcome.

The crew describe themselves as “drinkers with a singing problem” and comprises:

Marty the Cox,

Ian the Gig,
Steve the Bos’n,
Mark the Cap’n,
Julian the Strings,
Kev the Rumble,
Mick the Clock,
Steve the Bard,
George the Spar-ra,
Pete the (not so) Silent,
Bob the Water (Wet One)
and Andy the Cabin Boy (just because he’s the youngest…oh yes he is).

If you want to know more, check out:

Back-Beach Boyz web-site …..
Facebook site …..

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