Walk This Way

walk this way

Walking for Health

Walk This Way is part of the national scheme “Walking for Health”.  It is designed to encourage people back into walking as a means of physical exercise and mental well-being.

I take the opportunity with the group I lead to combine these objectives with the idea of “walking with a purpose” which is usually to explore some unique aspect (usually historical) of the town and its surroundings.

5 Reasons to Start Walking:

  • For health: Walking strengthens your heart, your bones and your muscles … and it helps to control your weight.
  • For wealth: Walking is free and will enrich your life in many ways.
  • For happiness: Walking improves your mood and helps combat depression.
  • For comfort: Go for a walk in your local park or wood and discover how nature can reduce stress and calm your mind.
  • For joy: Walk with friends or join in one of your local walk programmes and discover just how much fun walking can be!

In Teignmouth the Walk This Way group meets weekly at the pier.

Want to know more?  Check out:

The Group’s Exploits
Local information
National Information

2 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. Julia Street

    Hi neil its julia from alice cross, I need to speak to you today, but cannot find a number for you. Want to do photoshoot at pier tomorrow 10am for 3 peaks challenge thanks


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