The Cruel Sea

comp wtw 140205 eastcliff 2

Eastcliff rollers – house height

Throughout its history Teignmouth has suffered flooding especially on Spring tides in stormy weather.  The result has been a gradual development of sea defences culminating in 2013 in a series of steel flood gates along the estuary side of the town – the ‘river-beach’.

Teignmouth being pounded

Teignmouth being pounded

This first week of February 2014 saw the fury of the so-called “apocalyptic” storm hitting Teignmouth and many other towns along the Southwest coast.

storm damage teignmouth



But this apocalyptic storm has wrought damage and one wonders if it is the precursor of worse weather to come into the future as climate change takes hold.  Current weather conditions are being caused by the jet-stream moving south and acting as a conveyor belt for atlantic storms to hit our coast.



Destroyed railway line at Dawlish

Destroyed railway line at Dawlish

Three miles along the coast in Dawlish the pounding seas ripped away the sea-defences and destroyed a large section of the railway line which is the sole rail link to Plymouth and further west into Cornwall.


Want to know more?  Check out this link:

Heccadon Sea Wall

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