Catalogue of Verse

The following are links to the poems referred to in the Posts of Keats’ Ghost:

All Aboard The Engine (Rachael Shearmur)
The Anchorage of Love (Keats Ghost)
Author’s Bathing at Teignmouth for the Head-Ache (Jane Cave Winscom)
Autumnal Musings
(Marianne Prowse)
Battle of Algiers
(John Brainard)
Beaver Soul 27 (Judy Hogan)
The Blessing of the Boats (Keats Ghost)
Bridget of Brimley (Thomas Aggett)
Cages of Light (Keats Ghost)
The Clipper (Anon)

Cockleshell Hero (Barbara Hine)
Coming Back Home (Bob Freshwater)
The Compass Rose (Anon)
Complaint about a certain Sunday (Jules Laforgue)
Cool Dudes (Keats Ghost)
Cormorant (Ted Hughes)
The Cormorant (Anon)
The Cruise of the Calabar (Ian Marshall)
Cruise-ship Sailing (Keats Ghost)
To Dance on Teignmouth Pier (Barbara Hine)
The Darkling Thrush (Thomas Hardy)
Dedication to Guendolen (Henry Buxton Forman, 1890)
The Defence of Order (Josiah Walker)
The Devil’s Footprints (John Parslow)
Devon (Isaac Gompertz)
Devon Blue (Alberta Vickridge)
Devon Maid (Keats)
The Devonshire Boys Courage (Anon)
The Donkey Seat – Youth and Age (Anon)
Dorothy’s Diamonds (Keats Ghost)
The Dutton (Anon)
Eastcliff Car Park (Tacy Rickard)
Eddies (Don Pearson)
Elegy to a Parrat (Keats Ghost)
Elias Parish Alvars (“Warwick”)
Endymion (extract) (John Keats)
Epistle to Reynolds (Keats)
Falling Down (Matt Bellamy, Muse)
Fresh to Bleed (Anon)
Fragments of a Descriptive Poem (Winthrop Mackworth Praed)
Funeral Instructions (Henry Buxton Forman)
Galleria dell’Arte (Keats’ Ghost)
The Great Western Railway Record Run (Thomas Aggett)
Haiku Serenade (various)
Haldon Hill (John R Libby)
Heading South (Judie Gelling)
The Hole Man (Keats’ Ghost)
Holiday in Teignmouth (Dorothy Heard)
The Human Seasons (Keats)
Images from the Bridge of Si’s (Keats Ghost)
I must go down to the sea again (Spike Milligan)
In Memoriam (Tacy Rickard)
In Memoriam (Thomas Aggett)
Isambard Kingdom Brunel (David Haines)
Jason’s Garden (Jennifer Jenkins)
Keats at Teignmouth (Amy Clampitt)
Keats at Teignmouth (Charles Causley)
Kings Shilling (Keats Ghost)
Kingsteignton to Teignmouth on the No 2 bus (Virginia Griem)
Kiss Me Quick (Peter Waters)
A Lament (Marjorie Whittington)
Larch Brook (Keats’ Ghost)
The Late Mr Arscott (George Templer)
The Legend of Teignmouth (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
Letters from Teignmouth – Our Ball (Winthrop Mackworth Praed)
The Lidwell Monk (Keats Ghost)
Lines to Lord Exmouth (I Plimsott)
Lord Exmouth (James Skerret)

Matt Harvey, the Kipper and the Kenning in the style of Matt Harvey, the Kipper and the Kenning ….. almost ….. or as close as I can (Keats Ghost)
The Mercury (Samuel Codner)
Mesh (Ian Chamberlain)
The Monk of Haldon (R H D Barham)
Mussel Boat (Virginia Griem)
Ne Sit Ancillae (T E Brown)
The Ness Tunnel, Shaldon (John Dyhouse)
Night-ride to Teignmouth with Keats (Graham Burchell)
Nosferatu (Keats Ghost)
Ode to an Oggie (attributed to Keats)
Ode to an Oyster (Bob Freshwater)
Ode to Sunday October 5th (Anne Wellings)
Ode to Teignmouth (Keats)
Off Season (Tom Clark)
Old Walls (Marianne Prowse)
On (and in) the Teign (Thomas Aggett)
On Looking Back From Haldon …. (George Templer)
Oystercatchers Cafe (Keats’ Ghost)
Pantomime (Anon)
The Parson and Clerk (Thomas Aggett)
The Parson and The Clerk (Charles Causley)
Passing Through (Keats Ghost)
Pay Her Homage (Cathie Whatmough)
Pellew’s Poem (Anon)
The Pier at Teignmouth (Ron Warne)
The Piper of Teignmouth (Don Pearson)
The Poet and the Boatman (Deborah Harvey)
Poet Clan (Keats Ghost)
Poly-Olbion (Michael Drayton)
Power to the People (Keats’ Ghost)
Premonitory (Tom Clark)
Private Theatricals (Winthrop Mackworth Praed)
Racquel Delfina Soares (Keats Ghost & Mary Purchase)
The Right Side of the Pier (Nan Dalton)
Sea Fever snippet (John Masefield)
Shaldon Bridge (Kim Edwards)
The Shaldon War Dead Memorial Clock Tower (Philip)
The Siren (Keats Ghost)
The Smugglers Song (Rudyard Kipling)
Sonnet (Thomas Aggett)
Sonnet to Keats (Attrib. Marianne Prowse)
Sonnet to Keats (Wilfred Owen)
Storm (Dorothy Dawson)
Straight Outta Teignmouth (Teignmouth Rappers)
A Sunday Stroll through Teignmouth (John Edwards)
Teignbridge Cricket Club Jubilee (George Templer)
Teignmouth (Charles Causley)
Teignmouth (Don Pearson)
Teignmouth (Margaret Sheppard)
Teignmouth (Ollie Glanvill)
Teignmouth (Patrick Wolf)
Teignmouth (Peter Waters)
Teignmouth and Shaldon (Michael William Worley)
The Teignmouth Electron (Benjamin Akira Tallamy)
Teignmouth Coal Boat (Bob Freshwater, Back Beach Boyz)
Teignmouth to her District Council (Thomas Aggett)
Teignmouth Muse (Jackie Juno)
Teignmouth News (Don Pearson)
To Teignmouth Pier (H Callaghan)
Teign Verse Launch (Marjorie Whittington)
Tension (an anecdote)
Tideland (Marc Woodward)
Trailing Poetry: TRAIL 2012 (various)
A Turrabul ride bee Rayl (Henry Baird aka Nathan Hogg)
Untitled Artist Notes (JMW Turner 1811)
Upon Tingmouth (Philip Avant, 1690)
View of Teignmouth in Devonshire (Amy Lowell)
Walk This Way (Keats’ Ghost)
Wassail (Various traditional)
The Waters of Teign (based on traditional folk song)
We Honour Them (Keats’ Ghost)
Whalebone Arch (Keats’ Ghost)
Who were the Tolpuddle Martyrs (Keats Ghost)

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