The Compass Rose revived

Mosaic revived

The Compass Rose mosaic at the foot of Eastcliff park in Teignmouth featured as one of the early poems (a couplet) on this site and in the accompanying book Pebbles on the Shore.  Unfortunately the mosaic was wearing away over time but it has now been replaced, this time with the first line of Keats’ sonnet Bright Star.

Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art

The reference to Keats is appropriate but remember also the speculation that a local woman, Marianne Jefferies (later Prowse) whom Keats knew well during his stay in Teignmouth, was infatuated with Keats.  She supposedly wrote a sonnet to Keats under the pseudonym of P Fenbank the first two lines of which also referred to the star:

Star of high promise! Not to this dark age
Do thy mild light and loveliness belong

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