A Lament

Turning on the Christmas Lights in the Triangle

Turning on the Christmas Lights in the Triangle

Things change and very often people fear the worse, not liking the idea that something they have lived with for years will be different.

This poem, going back over twenty years, reflects such a thought. It’s about the change of the Triangle in Teignmouth.

Yet we look at the Triangle now and think how vibrant a place it can be with its outdoor cafes, farmers market, Christmas lights, frequent music etc.

Anyway, here’s the contemporaneous thought of 1993 from Marjorie Whittington’s collection ‘Miscellanea of Happiness”.

A Lament

What have they done to Teignmouth?
Why have they spoilt our town?
No wonder the folk who live here
Walk round it with a frown.

The charm therein was the Triangle
Where friends would always meet
And admire the stone beds filled with flowers
So colourful – what a treat.

An empty Triangle

An empty Triangle

It now is one large flat pavement
Not a flower is in sight
Can’t somebody come to our rescue
And put things back to right.

(Marjorie Whittington, 1993)



Farmers' Market

Farmers’ Market

Farmers' market

Farmers’ market

and with the farmers’ market …..



2 thoughts on “A Lament

  1. Viv Wilson

    Part of the problem with The Triangle was that it took a long time to complete. To begin with – it was so stark that locals dubbed it Red Square! Then gradually, things came together particularly when the pink granite stone troughs arrived from perros Guirec….thanks to some clever negotiations by Town Clerk David Tickell. Inhabitants either never knew the details or have forgotten them….which strengthens my on-going wish that the council and other official bodies understood the significance of properly informing the local people in language that is not littered with political platitudes.
    Strangely- I saw the disappearing figure of the writer of that poem only today….Marjorie Whittington who lives in Royal Court and who would be pleasantly surprised to learn that her words from all those years ago were being held up for public inspection and comment. Thanks for illuminating Viv

  2. pherecrates1 Post author

    Hi Viv. Good point. It’s really useful getting different perspectives on local issues and interesting that these can be prompted through verse – it illustrates one of the roles of poetry and song through the ages.


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