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Falling Down



This is a lament of a different kind today.  Thanks to Matt Bellamy of Muse for allowing me to reproduce the lyrics here of the song “Falling Down”.  It reflects the feelings of growing up in a small seaside town, but it could also symbolise the angst of youth and the place where they live wherever it may be in the country.

It caused a bit of a stir when it was released as part of the Showbiz album.  But as local councillor and youth worker Mary Kennedy reflected at the time:

“I think we should listen to what young people say about the town and try and make it more appealing for them …. it is surprising how many want to come back after they have travelled around a bit and seen other parts of the country”

Falling Down
(Matt Bellamy, Muse)

I’m falling down, and 15,000 people scream
They were all begging for your dream

I’m falling down, 5,000 houses burning down, yeah
No-one is gonna save this town

[Chorus #1]
Too late, I already found what I was looking for
You know it wasn’t here, no it wasn’t here

I was calling your name
But you wouldn’t hear me sing
You wouldn’t let me begin

So I’m crawling away
‘Cuz you broke my heart in two, yeah
No I will not forget you

[Chorus #2]
Too late, I already found what I was looking for
You know it wasn’t you. No, it wasn’t you. No

Falling away, you never see me fall
No I could not forget you

Falling down, a thousand houses burning down
No-one is gonna save this town

[Chorus #2]

Falling down, now the world is upside down
I’m heading straight for the clouds

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A Lament

Turning on the Christmas Lights in the Triangle

Turning on the Christmas Lights in the Triangle

Things change and very often people fear the worse, not liking the idea that something they have lived with for years will be different.

This poem, going back over twenty years, reflects such a thought. It’s about the change of the Triangle in Teignmouth.

Yet we look at the Triangle now and think how vibrant a place it can be with its outdoor cafes, farmers market, Christmas lights, frequent music etc.

Anyway, here’s the contemporaneous thought of 1993 from Marjorie Whittington’s collection ‘Miscellanea of Happiness”.

A Lament

What have they done to Teignmouth?
Why have they spoilt our town?
No wonder the folk who live here
Walk round it with a frown.

The charm therein was the Triangle
Where friends would always meet
And admire the stone beds filled with flowers
So colourful – what a treat.

An empty Triangle

An empty Triangle

It now is one large flat pavement
Not a flower is in sight
Can’t somebody come to our rescue
And put things back to right.

(Marjorie Whittington, 1993)



Farmers' Market

Farmers’ Market

Farmers' market

Farmers’ market

and with the farmers’ market …..