Teignmouth to her District Council

coat of armsThough I have a strong affinity with Teignmouth I must also remain impartial on this blog. We have had a number of poems describing the attractions of Teignmouth, so now to balance that a few (small number) which I suppose you could say have a less favourable view of events here. The first, from his collection Vagabond Verse is by the Railway Poet, Thomas Aggett, and bemoans the local politics of over 100 years ago. Many might say that politics hasn’t changed!

Teignmouth to her District Council
(Thomas Aggett)

With lamentations loud and deep
Great cause have I, alas! to weep,
My Council members seem asleep,
I’m so dejected
For I whom they profess to keep
Am quite neglected.

Bt Nature clad in beauty’s dress,
Ye members surely must confess
What great attractions I possess,
Which you abuse,
When you could much improve I guess
Me if you choose.

But no, a dilatory curse
Seems settled on you, quite averse
To all improvements, worse and worse.
Your attitude
And money from the public purse
Does me no good.

I cannot now enumerate
Your foolish actions, neither state
Your time-waste in so-called debate;
With grief I see
Less water for more water-rate;
But list to me –

Just cease your foolish altercation,
My visitors want recreation,
Give this your best consideration,
You must agree
If you desire not condemnation,
Attractive be.

And to the public weal attend
In future better, and amend
The foolish way in which you spend
The public pence,
And pray that Providence will send
You better sense.


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