Robin Hood 2014

Robin Hood 2014

A few posts ago we had a poem from the early nineteenth century – Private Theatricals by Winthrop Mackworth Praed.

Theatricals are is still alive and well in Teignmouth even though last year saw the demise of the Carlton Theatre to be replaced on the Den by a brand new facility, The Pavilions, due to open early next year.

In the mean time the Teignmouth Players have had to improvise and change venue. But the show goes on and here’s a poem that advertised the Christmas Panto 2014 in the local press. Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is!

It had no named author or title so I’ve just called it ……


Christmas is that special time
When you can see a pantomime.
The audience from near and far
May witness a spectacular
Performance from the Teignmouth Players
With heroes, villains and soothsayers!
The Carlton may well be ‘behind you’
But there’s no need to shout or ‘boo’,
Teign Community School is here.
     (Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is!)
So everyone can clap and cheer
Along to each and every number
Until they all go home to slumber.

Amy Burton-Smith’s direction
Is absolute panto perfection
With Jeff Hocking’s musical skill
This show is set to wow and thrill!
The Teignmouth Players cast and crew
Are all proud to present to you
The Adventures of Robin Hood
To excite you like a panto should!
The evil sheriff of Nottingham
Does all the things a villain can
To make life hard for our poor hero.
But will his efforts come to zero?
The love of lady Marion
Will have them fighting ‘till it’s won!

The Dame of this year’s panto battle
Takes form as Nora Tittletattle.
The Nanny of our fairest maiden
Who’s sure to have her make-up laden!
So book your tickets right away
To come and see a matinee
or evening if that’s your bag
And laugh along with every gag!
Bring all the family with you
And shout out loud and cheer and boo!
Lots of laughs are on the menu
At this exciting new venue
Over Christmas and New Year,
Be sure to leave a window clear!


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