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Cages of Light

Yesterday was National Poetry Day. Surprisingly, I don’t think it was marked in Teignmouth. Perhaps it should have been so here is a brief collection of thoughts.

This year’s theme was ‘Light’. One of the features of the Teignmouth Oracle Facebook site is an amazing collection of photographs often showing similar views of Teignmouth but in different conditions. It struck me that the common feature is Light – nuances in light can give completely new and different interpretations and emotions to what you are seeing. We take Light for granted yet it completely surprises us.

I have taken a small selection of photos from the past few days as my Cages of Light.

Cages of Light

'Duality'. by Azure Photography

‘Duality’. by Azure Photography

Wavelets oyster-sheened
where sea and sand elide
in ripples of duality


'Dolmens march' by Azure Photography

‘Dolmens march’ by Azure Photography

Dolmens march ashore,
birthed from womb of sun
and lull of sea




'Mirrored bowl' from Eastcliff Cafe

‘Mirrored shore’ from Eastcliff Cafe

The mirrored shore
cupping in its tender grasp
reflections of the fount of light



'Symmetry of grey' by Spotted Teignmouth

‘Symmetry of grey’ by Spotted Teignmouth

The velvet plain of sea
worn shade-smooth
within its symmetry of grey


'Lobster' by Tim Powell-Morris

‘Lobster’ by Tim Powell-Morris

Skiffs at rest at end of day,
quadrille over, dusted
by the blush of lobster clouds




(Note:  I didn’t have time to contact the photographers before re-posting their work; I hope they’ll forgive me especially since I have given credit!)

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