A Sunday Stroll through Teignmouth

John Andrews in 'Man in Green'

John Andrews in ‘Man in Green’

Some people simply like to walk to or through Teignmouth enjoying the ambience and the views.  The link with the previous post is that John Andrews is also an afficionado of folk music seen in the attached picture playing “Man in Green” at Tiverton Beer Festival.

A Sunday Stroll through Teignmouth
(John Andrews)

I would like to go for a walk with you
While the sun shines, near the sea
Where we could both enjoy the sights
I would like you to accompany me.

At Teignmouth we could walk through town
Past the Endeavour pub and lifeboat station
The lobster pots, and remembrance flowers
Go back , perhaps make a donation.

I would like to go for a walk with you
I know you’ll accompany me
If I promise to stop at that seaside café
For a biscuit and a pot of tea.

A new roof here, a summer coat of blue paint there
The beach huts dressed up to the nines
Watch the Shaldon ferry weave through waves
Take care of the fishermen’s lines.

I would like to go for a walk with you
We could watch the changing ocean
With dredgers, ski jets and cargo ships
From port to port in onward motion.

On the sand bar, with gulls in attendance
We could see the cormorants sun bathe
Past the pier that weathered the winter storms
Nearby buoy bobbing on a wave.

We could walk along searching for sea glass
Bleached by sun and washed by sea
In opaque whites, blues, browns and greens
I’m glad you’ve accompanied me.

I’ll be back to work on Tuesday
Away from home, count the days, all three
But when I’m home I’ll walk beside you
Because I know that you love me.

For more information about John Andrews check out:

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