Heading South

River beach, Teignmouth

River beach, Teignmouth

Coming soon – the connection between TS Eliot, Ezra Pound and Teignmouth!

Meanwhile, returning to why people come to Teignmouth, for many it’s just a delightful seaside resort in Devon.  Here’s a piece written on the motorway by a Scottish lady who apparently came down for the day!

Heading South
(Judie Gelling)

Three lanes of traffic, all heading south
Cars, bikes and lorries, in the same direction,
Are they going to the seaside, at Teignmouth?
And taking their kids for their summer vacation

Maybe they’re going to Exeter or Torbay
Or to the races at Newton Abbot like us
We’re only going for the day
Long distance travel, to us, it’s no fuss

In the slow lane, a Morris minor driven by an old chap,
Looking at his face he don’t look very amused
I think he’s lost, the wife’s reading the map
Wonder how much petrol that old car has used

Who’s going where, for how long and why?
On our journey, this guessing game we like to play
It’s more fun for teens then playing, I Spy,
And motorway travel’s less tedious this way.

SourceJudie Gelling


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