The Hole Man

Hiking on an Empty Stomach by Malcolm Curley

Hiking on an Empty Stomach by Malcolm Curley

Returning to the present day the Teignmouth TRAIL is once again in place – the annual display of recycled art which runs along the seafront and this year also extends up to the Homeyard Botanical Gardens in Shaldon.

Poetry has marked the TRAIL in previous years (see Haiku Serenade and the Renga) but this year a separate poetry site has also been set up for poems about the various sculptures.

Meanwhile here’s a piece about one of the really intriguing sculptures called “Hiking on an Empty Stomach” by Malcolm Curley.  The poem is simply called “The Hole Man”.

The Hole Man
(Keats’ Ghost)

I once met a man,
a man with a hole,
a hole in the place where his stomach should be.

The whole man marched,
he marched with a pole,
a pole to embrace his entirety.

Does the man have a heart?
Does the heart have a soul?
Is the soul in the space through which you can see?

He is recycled art
and this art has a role,
a role to persuade you to think differently.

Man, hole,
hole, pole,
heart, soul,
art, role …..
all on the TRAIL at Teignmouth by sea.

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4 thoughts on “The Hole Man

    1. pherecrates1 Post author

      Thanks. The statue is really quite a stunning item. I also run a walking group so I could also empathise with the “Hiking on an Empty Stomach” title of the piece of work!

  1. Viv Wilson

    Good thinking…..and good to highlight this STUNNING piece of art which I would not mind buying (if I could afford it!)


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