Galleria dell’Arte

Outdoor gallery, Teignmouth

Outdoor gallery, Teignmouth

So before returning to Keats here’s another piece on poetry and art.

Last summer a community art project was initiated in Teignmouth by local artist Mos Shaw who persuaded the local council to support an outdoors “art gallery”.

The walls of the gallery were an ugly line of boarding surrounding a piece of empty land adjacent to Brunswick Street. Local artists were invited to paint pieces on this boarding, which has now brightened up that area. There should be more of this street art approach. And street art can be accompanied by street poetry. The “Galleria dell’Arte” is a poetic description of all the pieces of art to be found on the ramshackle boarding and also features on the boarding.

Poetry and art also features as part of the Teignmouth Poetry Festival which begins this Thursday and exhibits of art with associated verse can be seen at TAAG.

Galleria Dell’Arte
(Keats’ Ghost)

Roll up my friends and come join the party,
come and admire,
come be inspired,
let your soul catch fire
and imagine ……

….. the Galleria Dell’Arte

art1Be seduced by the Vixen
playing tricks on your eyes,
red rose in her hair, the scare of her cobwebbed brow.
See the Duomo that towers o’er Venetian canals,
but where is the bridge of sighs? Unless …
no surprise, it’s the arch on a Dartmoor stream ……

….. Aaah, il Ponte dei Sospiri

art2For nothing is quite what it seems
to the coil of the brain on these gallery walls,
an outdoor hall where a dragonfly rests
on speckles of blue and a blossom of squares,
where you’ll find a skull on a chequered floor
and a whale on a ball, a Picasso scene ……

…..surreal as Dali

art3Come sail serene on a sailing ship
with a sail so pink you can only think
of Happy Days, time’s delay, idle hours,
of living naively on a beach
or meandering down a Teignmouth street,
bunting and house fronts screeching with flowers ……

….. sweet as pearls of barley

art4The furnace-fire of the friendly sun,
the skin-glow rouge in the bonfire flames
that edge-lap lick their burnished frame
whilst Mayan blocks and pyramids
burst from sands of bloody red ……

….. dead as seas of Kali

art5Water fall meets the sea-front wall,
a shimmering ghost-grey wraith between,
pebble-dashed, scree-spray splashed.
Whilst shoals of shadowy fish slip by
an albatross glides through the curtained sky
and passengers cavort on a ship nearby ……

….. watched by the eye of the sea

art6Compromise comfort …..
Reach for the lowest thoughts you’ll find,
letting your mind stray far away.
Ask “What does she say, that jungle girl
beyond her mask of black and white,
with her piercing eyes of cerulean blue?
Who is the girl at the edge of the frame?” ……

….. peeping through bubbles so coyly?

art7And the naked boy …..
origami folds of a crumpled scrap,
holding crumbs of hope perhaps?
Bowed and begging, a supplicant,
but for what does he pray?
Imagine, admire, be inspired , be fired ……

….. by the Galleria Dell’Arte

Want to know more? Check out:

Mos Shaw …..
TAAG …..
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2 thoughts on “Galleria dell’Arte


    I should like to see this panoply of art and poesy. Street art is right up my street!

    Did you write the poem? It is a triumph of wordplay and subtle rhyme and as good a trailer for the exhibition as you could wish to find. Bravo Teignmouth.

  2. pherecrates1 Post author

    Thanks Viv. Yes I wrote this one. There is quite a lot of street art in Teignmouth and a few other poems on this blog about it – try ‘Cool Dudes’, ‘Nosferatu’, ‘The Siren’.


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