The Shaldon War Dead Memorial Clock Tower

Shaldon War Dead memorial Clock Tower (from Frith Collection)

Shaldon War Dead memorial Clock Tower (from Frith Collection)

Walk back towards Teignmouth along the main road from the Clipper and you soon reach the village green, the site of the Shaldon War Memorial.

I found this poem on the Internet written by ‘Philip’ (I know no more than that). Together with the poem was a small tribute by Philip:

“This little Poem means little to anyone outside our little village in South Devon…A village of only 300 and yet 30 names on the local War Memorial. I composed this Poem for my own satisfaction, just to make these Heroes names to live again ….. Written at the Life Gateway to 11.11.11 in humble appreciation.”

You may notice the acrostic.

The Shaldon War Dead Memorial Clock Tower

The Shaldon War Dead Memorial Clock Tower.
Heroes who gave their lives in war time;
Everlasting Memorial to their sacrifice.

Shaldon would remember Brave Souls ;
Hail to these Heroes as we remember.
As fought and died in the 1914-19 War.
Let us never forget the ultimate debt.
Dutifully paid by the local families
Of Graeme, Lucas, Cornish , Stephens
No not forgotten Gates or Colbram.

War took the Sons of Shaldon and Ringmore
And Carter, Loram, Matthews, Taylor, Payne
Reed, Merchant, Sheppard, Windeatt, Wood

Dutifully, bravely Volunteered in 1914
East , Lambe  and Eardly-Wilmot RFC.
As did brave Tothill, Withey , Conybeare
Died all heroes in that world conflict.

Memories still fresh of the 1939 – 45
Ever remembered names of Shaldon
Men fully brave S.Brimilcombe, G Hicks
Or R Fielding , J Houston, J Long , T.Payne,
Regiments of Britain and Commonwealth
In Royal and Merchant Navy and RAF.
An endless list of sons E. Slater, R Stoyle
Last W.Theobald. In sorrow Forget Never.

Collections made by public contribution 1921
Laid foundations for the Memorial Clock
Originally built: Albert Best (Teignmouth)
Clock built  by Harold Mole, Watchmaker.
Kings and Countries mourn in unity.

To later conflicts A.J .Roberts in Malaya
Of R.S.Baker-Faulkner. D.S.O, D.S.C, R.N
We owe them all an irrevocable debt.
Ever as time goes by, may we not forget
Righteous Brave Sacrifice in time of War.
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