The Ness Tunnel, Shaldon

ness tunnel 2So like Keats 200 years ago we’ve crossed the Waters of Teign by ferry and reached the far shore where he would have found the fishermen’s cottages of Shaldon and set out on his walk up the estuary to Arch Brook and beyond.

He would have looked up to the Ness headland but would the Ness tunnel have been there in his days for him to explore? A smugglers tunnel? A tunnel for transporting lime from the beach? Or simply a means of getting through the headland to enjoy the seclusion of Ness cove?

I found this short ditty on the blog of someone who is obviously intrigued by the tunnel and its origins.

The Ness Tunnel, Shaldon
(John Dyhouse)

Walk straight ahead.
Take the first turn on the right;
You can’t miss it,
It’s the only turn
Of course you’ll be alright.

Once around the corner
You will see just where to go.
Watch the steps
They can be slippy.
Just straight ahead, you’ll know.

At the tunnels end
Find a secluded beach;
But the cliffs
May not be stable,
So take care, stay out of reach.

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