Teignmouth Muse

Jackie Juno

Jackie Juno

Today’s poem comes from Jackie Juno, the Grand Bard of Exeter (Caer Wyse). It is an interesting amalgam of issues of personal, societal and environmental health set in the context of Teignmouth and observations of a seaside town.

According to Jackie it is “To be read in East End accent. Cos that’s how I heard it in me head when I was writing it. Which proves it was purely channelled, cos I don’t usually talk like that. Innit.”


Teignmouth Muse
(Jackie Juno)

2 seagulls sittin on the roof of a van
they look like they own it, them and their clan
we’re at the seaside today, gonna have us some fun
we got spades sand and sarnies, sunblock and sun
don’t care if my mobile is out of range
we’re makin good use of the climate change
(which of course is a complete and utter bummer)
but it’s only April and it’s just like summer

2 kids and 2 ice-creams can sure make a mess
I’m lookin over the river to Shaldon Ness
this beauty I find really hard to express
but most of the people they couldn’t care less
I tell ‘em the environment is under duress
but they say all that info just adds to their stress
yet still I continue, though their buttons I press
their apathy gets to me, it makes me depressed

2 dogs sniffin at each other’s arses
seems to be the way in which they make passes
they don’t have a concept of what status or class is
just shows up society, yeah that’s what a farce is
have you got the right shorts shoes bikini sunglasses
seems them people need a spiritual and emotional catharsis
to get over themselves, and get with the beat
find their head find their heart find their hands find their feet

2 pigeons struttin and peckin on the beach, ya
would rather see a shark or a deep sea creature
but they ain’t yet a familiar feature
of Teignmouth, (though I do think they’ll eventually reach here)
with the global warmin yeah, that’ll teach ya
don’t wanna go over the top like a preacher
but I feel sufficiently moved to make this speech, yeah
…should I be more philosophical, like Nietsche?

2 pigeons have fled now, they’ve spotted a kestrel
my picnic is pitiful, it’s low in cholesterol
cos my levels are high, it’s kind of ancestral
now I only eat chocolate when dangerously pre-menstrual
otherwise I try to be fit and healthy
but the better the food the more you gotta be wealthy
live in Knightsbridge, Hampstead, Kensington or Chelsea;
or be good at shoplifting, and being generally stealthy.

2 kids swathed in sunblock to prevent skin cancer
but I really don’t think that that is the answer
cos the sunblock itself is carcinogenic
so you gotta buy products that are natural and organic
but they’re dead expensive, it’s not financially viable
so you think about nickin it, but then you’ll be liable
to have your collar felt by the long arm of the law
and the gap is STILL growing between rich and poor

When life’s not fair it can make you illegal
banged up in a cell, you would think of a seagull
flying free in the sky – not earthbound like man

2 seagulls sittin on the roof of a van……
that’s how this poem ends, it’s also how it began.


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