The Late Mr Arscott

History of South Devon Hunt

History of South Devon Hunt

Today’s post may have tenuous links with Teignmouth but they are of interest as part of the history of the time.  Once again I am indebted to Stuart Drabble for this poem. Stuart is a local historian and aficionado of all things George Templer.

This Templer poem is about a “Mr Arscott” who hunted in South Devon. There are the obvious connections that we have already seen through George Templer; and the members of the Hunt would have taken part in society functions of the day in Teignmouth – the Balls and Theatre.

Who the actual ‘Mr Arscott’ is is unclear but the name seems to have been a common one of this area – James Arscott is mentioned on the list of men who fought at Trafalgar (on the board on the wall of the Ship Inn). Thomas Arscott and another James Arscott (brothers) of Teignmouth, sons of a Teignmouth doctor Thomas Arscott, were both naval officers. Most likely though is a ‘Mr Arscott of Tetcott’ who kept hounds and is apparently immortalised in an old Devonshire ballad

Whoever he was, George Templer wrote these few lines in his memory.

The Late Mr Arscott

New to my sight thou black unwelcome leaf,
I know thee now, pale harbinger of grief
Ungraced by sportive scene or lyric lore;
Thy silence whispers – Arscott is no more!
The hand is motionless that loved to trace
The hard-earned glories of the daily chase!
The tongue that cher’d us with the death-note shrill,
And charmed us at the festive board, is still!
The wit that in meridian splendour shone
All but the memory of his worth is gone!

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2 thoughts on “The Late Mr Arscott

  1. Viv Wilson

    Interesting, Neilespecially since I am related to the Arscotts of tetcoot John Arscott (1719–1788) was the celebrated huntsmanI also have a copy of Westcountry ballads collected by Sabine Baring Gould in which the Arscott of Tetcott song appears In 1985 I was involved with Dartmoor National Parks’ consultation document on the establishment of the Templer WayI led numerous people on guided walks to the quarry and tramway and have featured it in slide shows tooSomewhere I had the words to Rempler’s poemStover Farewell! see what crawls out when you turn over rocks!regardsViv

    Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 23:12:39 +0000 To:

  2. pherecrates1 Post author

    Amazing! If you could make me a copy of the Arscott of Tetcott song that would be great. Do you know if there is any relationship with the other Arscott’s of Teignmouth that I mentioned? The Stover Farewell poem features in one of my earlier post – it’ll be on the ‘Catalogue of Verse’ page or you could do a search for Stover or Templer in the search box.


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