In Memoriam

Today’s post is interesting because it is a poem written in memory of someone you would probably describe as ‘ordinary’ in the sense that he doesn’t feature as a well-known historical name in Teignmouth’s past.

He is the Reverend Anson Cartwright who lived at Brimley House, Teignmouth, until his death in 1903. No book has been written about him, yet if you check out his page at the end of the poem you’ll see that he seems to have been quite a pillar of Teignmouth society at the end of the 19th century.  He contributed through a variety of public service roles on the Council, politically and for charitable concerns (e.g. the Newton Board of Guardians).

If you remember, the Cartwright name as an eminent family in Teignmouth first appeared in Isaac Gompertz’s 1825 poem ‘Devon’.

Anyway, Thomas Aggett felt that the passing of Reverend Cartwright should be remembered in his collection of Vagabond Verses.

‘In Memoriam’ Reverend Cartwright
(Thomas Aggett)

O Mother Earth! But thou hast claimed
A noble and a worthy son,
Whose soul to goodness ever aimed
And evil practices did shun.

He came to counsel and to teach,
He truly loved his fellow men,
His heart was warm with love for each,
His mission was successful then.

His kindly face, his genial smile,
Were welcomed both by rich and poor,
And words of wisdom all the while
There came from a well-garnered store.

A kindly voice to sympathise;
His actions all were good and just,
Now we behold, with moistened eyes,
All that remains laid in the dust.

O Mother Earth! But thou hast claimed
A brother, and a noble one,
To Heaven, the goal for which he aimed,
His soul went with the rising sun.

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