Keats at Teignmouth

Charles Causley

Charles Causley

So, moving on to people.  Almost inevitably we keep returning to Keats and there are still more to come.

We have already seen a sonnet that Wilfred Owen wrote about his ‘hero’ Keats. Here is another eulogy to Keats, this time from the poet Charles Causley.  It is one of his earliest poems and comes from his ‘Collected Poems 1951-1997’.

If you want to feel the full power of his words try walking the ‘wild sea-wall’ and reading this out loud whilst standing on the point at Teignmouth!

Keats At Teignmouth – Spring 1818
(Charles Causley)

By the wild sea-wall I wandered
Blinded by the salting sun,
While the sulky Channel thundered
Like an old Trafalgar gun.

And I watched the gaudy river
Under trees of lemon-green,
Coiling like a scarlet bugle
Through the valley of the Teign.

When spring fired her fusilladoes
Salt-spray, sea-spray on the sill,
When the budding scarf of April
Ravelled on the Devon hill.

Then I saw the crystal poet
Leaning on the old sea-rail;
In his breast lay death, the lover,
In his head, the nightingale.

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