Dorothy’s Diamonds

Dorothy's Diamonds

Dorothy’s Diamonds

Today it’s time for a mystery.

Continuing the walk along the sea wall from Teignmouth, about 100 metres before you reach Sprey Point you will see set into wall two diamond-shaped stones about half a metre apart. These are known as Dorothy’s Diamonds. Take the link after the poem for their story.

For now though there are some questions. Who was Dorothy? How did her ‘diamonds’ appear in the wall? Did she know Brunel? Did he allow the diamonds to be inserted into the wall and, if so, why?  Was there more to her relationship with Brunel than perhaps meets the eye? Where is the evidence?

Could this be the sort of poem that Brunel, under some romantic influence, could have written in one of his letters or diary? Or is it pure myth?

Dorothy’s Diamonds

Wouldst that thou hadst told me,
Dorothy, seated by thy well.
Wouldst that I had sat with thee,
enthrall-èd by thy spell.
Wouldst that thou durst hold me,
imprison’d in thy swell.
Wouldst that I had wished for thee
to share thy love and comfort me,
that our two lives, enshrin’d, would be
two diamond stones, our one enamour’d cell.

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