Jason’s Garden

Jason's Garden

Jason’s Garden

We’ll continue on the detour for a little while up the cliff path, past the Compass Rose, until after a 100 yards or so we reach a gate, signed “Jason’s Garden”.

In 1998 Jason Pope, aged 24, disappeared from the mine where he was working in Angola when it was attacked by rebels.  Jason’s family felt that the development of this garden would be a good way to commemorate Jason’s life. It is opened to the public occasionally and is a haven of peace.

I have a couple of poems about the garden.  The first, by Jennifer Jenkins, reflects its aura of peace.  The second which I will post tomorrow is something I wrote after visiting the garden last year and explores the anchorage of love.

(Jennifer Jenkins, 2009)

A place of peace
A place to pause
A place to ponder

The here and now and
All our yesterdays.

A garden for all seasons,
Made with thought,
Teamwork and tears,
Love and laughter,
Sweat and smiles.

Appreciation for
The joy of living and giving.
The pity of parting.
Those who have and those who have not.
How long is a life span?

Look around you – look and see,
Then come back and look again.
Pause – and see what can be done.
Ponder – on use and re use.
Trash becomes treasure,
Turn negative into positive.
Ask – it may be given.

Smell the fresh air – a myriad of scents
Feel the breeze.
Touch the textures of rock, wood and petals.
Feel the carved words as you read.

Or just listen.

Jason’s family garden – makes you think.

Want to know more? Check out:

Jason’s Garden


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