To Teignmouth Pier

Teignmouth Pier 1904

Teignmouth Pier 1904

So, after a brief diversion following a denim-clad rear, back to the Pier.

This poem about the pier was found in a mysterious file in the Teignmouth Heritage Centre, together with the poem about ‘The Church Rocks Wreck’ published in an earlier post.

Was there some sort of workshop or competition perhaps? There might be a clue in the final stanza – 1996 was the year of the Teignmouth Festival at which the poem by Nan Dalton in the earlier post was read.

Interesting reference to Ivy Benson’s All Girl band too (who once took part in a friendly, fancy-dress cricket match with the cast of the Carlton Theatre!  Of relevance to my next post, keep a look out.)

To Teignmouth Pier
(H Callaghan)

In 1865 it was when they built the Teignmouth Pier.
The best in all the land it was, folks came from far and near
To see the most unusual view of Teignmouth from the sea.
Then Ma and Pa and the little ones, feeling venturesome and brave
Would stroll along the wooden boards above the choppy waves,
and going to the very end were able then you see
To refresh themselves with scones and jam and a lovely pot of tea.

Famous bands and orchestras came to play and entertain,
Ivy Benson’s All Girl Band is one which I can name.
Then the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the steamships I must say,
Embarked their passengers from the Pier, for trips around the bay.

And so for nearly 40 years the Pier remained the same
With Punch and Judy and Carousels and every kind of game.
And who remembers the dances we had? Oh, the dances. Who could forget
The place where so many lovers, and so many friends were met.

In 1905 it was, a terrible storm did rage,
The winds they tore the roofs all down, as they howled around the town.
The sea so wild and savage, its waves all green and grey
Did crush and swallow and carry part of the Pier away.

Then in 1996 it was the Year of the Pier they said.
So we hope that Teignmouth Pier may be a focus for us all
And ensure the future of this town of sea and sand
Will be busy, bright and beautiful
With a Pier which really is ….. Grand.

(Note: reference to Ivy Benson band is from ‘Singer, Sailor, The Time of my Life’ by Annette Button.)

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2 thoughts on “To Teignmouth Pier

  1. Viv Wilson

    I wonder about that ref to Ivy Bensonand I should also say that there is no group called the Carlton Playersthey were and still are Teignmouth Players formed in 1964!!hope this helpsTeignmouth Art Festival was set up by artsist Colin T Johnson. It ran for one year then there was a row and Paul Warner who still lives here took over as Chairman…it did a second fest then that was it….knocked on teh head. Colin t disappeared somewhere! regardsViv

    Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2014 16:32:09 +0000 To:

  2. pherecrates1 Post author

    Hi Viv. Thanks for the feedback. Interesting about the festival, so what was the row all about?!!!! Re Ivy Benson the book I quoted from said that they played cricket with the cast of the Carlton theatre so I assume there was also a show on there at the same time, whoever they were.


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