The Den 1903, extract from Frith postcard

The Den 1903, extract from Frith postcard

Someone else also once walked the Den over a hundred years ago and was inspired to write a sonnet about Keats and Praed.

Yes it’s Teignmouth’s ‘Railway Poet’ again, Thomas Aggett.  I wonder what the reference to bricks and lime at Bitton meant?

(Thomas Aggett)

I often marvel as I tramp the Den
That bards who cultivate their beauty-bumps,
I mean especially those gifted men
Who draw grand inspiration from old pumps
And bubble over quite with ecstasy
At scenery inferior to this,
Or that found on the Teign; I say, to me
It seems surprising that not more there is;
For here transcendent Keats was beauty-smitten,
And Mackworth Praed tho’ somewhat less sublime,
(O Praed! The builders thy beloved Bitton;
Are desecrating now with bricks and lime).
The River Teign could sing both bright and clever,
For both knew “beauty is a joy for ever.”

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