Teign Verse Launch

Lifeboat - The Two Annes

Lifeboat – The Two Annes

Some days ago, we started the journey in verse up the estuary with the Blessing of the Boats so it may be appropriate to end it with a short walk to the Lifeboat station.

When I started “Teignmouth in Verse” I thought that it was quite an original idea. Little did I know that someone had done something similar a few years ago to raise money for the RNLI, an organisation which plays a significant role in the life of Teignmouth

Marjorie Whittington is described as one of the most loyal supporters of the RNLI and has over the years written poetry. In 2011 she gathered the poems together in one small book “A Miscellanea of Happiness” which she had printed at her own expense. She sold the books to raise funds for the RNLI. Quickly selling out, the books raised £500 for the cause so dear to her heart – quite an achievement for someone no longer in the Spring of youth.

This poem describes the launch of a Teign Verse booklet.

Teign Verse Launch
(Marjorie Whittington)

In the library we gathered
On an April afternoon.
A moment of fame not far away,
In fact ’twill be quite soon.

We’re the quiet unknown poets,
Our objective is now very clear.
For the launch of the Teign Verse Booklet
Is the reason we are here.

There were poems from the old folk
Down to the very young,
We sat and chatted happily
Before proceedings had begun.

The Mayor was there, and photographers,
The Chief Librarian too,
Along with other notables,
We numbered quite a few.

A welcome speech to one and all
With an explanation clear
Of how it all was organised
And why we’re meeting here.

And then some lucky poets;
Names pulled out of the hat,
Recited their compositions
Which told of this and that.

Thus the afternoon soon ended
And was time to leave the scene,
A cup of tea before we go,
How friendly it had been.

So thank you to our library staff
For this our pleasant day,
And something nice to think about,
As homeward we wend our way.

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