Endymion (extract)

Bronze sculpture display at Salcombe Dip

Bronze sculpture display at Salcombe Dip

A bit further up the road from the Siren you will come across a lay-by parking area and viewpoint. This is known as Salcombe Dip and is apparently one of the places along the river where salt was once produced.

Enjoy the view across the river Teign which is celebrated by a river interpretation sculpture and display board. The sculpture is in bronze, was produced by Mark Mere and Co and gives a view and detail of the environmental features of the Teign.

This is also where we return to Keats – an extract from ‘Endymion’ (book 2) forms part of the sculpture. Keats completed Endymion in the three months that he spent here in 1818.

Endymion Extract
(John Keats, 1818)

I will delight thee all my winding course
From the green sea up to my hidden source
About Arcadian forests; and will show
The channels where my coolest waters flow
through mossy rocks; where, ‘mid exuberant green,
I roam in pleasant darkness, more unseen
Than Saturn in his exile ……….

view from salcombe dip

view from salcombe dip

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