The Salty

The Salty

Thanks to Marc Woodward for this contribution.

If I had paid for a more sophisticated version of WordPress I might have been able to present this poem differently.  Marc said that the lines were laid out to reflect the flow of water and the tide. The best I can do is centralising the lines which gives a sort of wave effect.

We have moved from the quays of the last post into the river where the “Salty” and other sandbanks lie exposed at low tide and give the oystercatchers and other waders free reign.

(Marc Woodward)

at low tide
there is a wide sandbank
in the river.
a flat island
where gulls peck for lugworms
and the oystercatcher’s shrill call
skims the water.
on summer days
you can canoe to this island
and on the hard wave-slapped sand stay
until the rising turning tide
washes you away.
there in the night,
when land splits the surface,
it cracks a moving, shining mirror,
breaking the moon’s quivering face
into light stippled and
silver rippled, lace-
like sand puddles.
lost and reclaimed, midnight to noon.
this lonely seagiven land,
this land in the call of the moon.

Check outOystercatchers Café’ as well.


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