Oystercatchers Café

Oystercatchers Cafe

Oystercatchers Cafe

Moving into town from the Whistlestop café you are spoilt for choice. One of the interesting establishments can be found in Northumberland Place – the Oystercatchers Café.

It’s an iconic site at low tide on the Teign, the vivid black, white and orange of the oystercatchers shoveling in the cockle and mussel beds of the Salty and the other mud flats of the Teign.

Likewise the eponymous café is iconic in its own way.  The black and white of coffee swirls in the confluence of blues sessions, folk music, poetry evenings, science ‘lectures’ and other regular events.

This is a little tribute, written as a Fibonacci reverse and verse, where science and poetry elide.

Oystercatchers Café

All-day breakfast at the Oystercatchers Café, or a chilli, soup and garlic bread.
Thinking instead of science, poems, acoustic blues,
folk music. Food of love, play on!
beaks probing,
roaming the shallows,
going with the flow of the tide,
bills jiving the mud hiding the cockles and mussels
rustled up daily, the all-day table d’hôte breakfast at the oystercatchers’ café.

Want to know more?  Checkout:

Oystercatchers Cafe facebook site ….


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