Racquel Delfina Soares

Racquel Delfina Soares

Racquel Delfina Soares

Back to the present day and something more light-hearted.

Teignmouth is a lively place in the summer and every year celebrates with a carnival.  Last night was the carnival procession and fireworks display.

There is also an annual “Teignmouth in Bloom” competition in which homes, shops, businesses are invited to adorn their areas in floral display.

This year the two are loosely linked.  With the World Cup competition also taking place in Brazil I suppose it seemed appropriate that the theme for Teignmouth in Bloom should be ‘Carnival’.

Teignmouth Orangery responded with the creation of a floral Carnival Queen resplendent in a fan dress of monbretia, New Zealand flax and strelitzia, with her modesty protected by strategically placed marigolds and fronds.  She was no ordinary Carnival Queen and fully deserved the exotic name of “Racquel Delfina Soares.”  Thanks to Mary Purchase, Chair of Teignmouth Orangery, for providing the final quatrain.


Racquel Delfina Soares

It’s Carnival!! Strutting time for revelry,
strident music, vibrant song,
and soulful strains of poetry.
Merengue, saucy samba – feel the beat.
Marimba, sexy salsa – feel the heat.
Cucuracha, Cucuracha – the music of your feet.

 Racquel, it’s here I find you;
swelling breasts encased in blue,
modesty upheld with glue
whilst sunburst marigolds protrude
between Strelitzia fronds that guard
the secret, sacred garden nestling beyond.

 Raquel Delfina Soares,
you are a garish scene,
Rio queen of Carnival,
aestival in Orangery,
in Monbretia swathes of greenery,
fan-splayed, Racquel, you reign supreme.


And what of her rampant steed
Who leads her forth on ivied reins
Before the goggle-eyed crowd;
The spellbound pansies of the world?


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