Pay Her Homage

Artefacts of the Church Rocks Wreck

Artefacts of the Church Rocks Wreck

Thanks to Lin Watson of the Teign Heritage Centre for digging this out for me.  This poem was hidden in a slim (very) file of poetry which contained no references so it’s unclear why the poems were written and how they ended up in the Heritage Centre.

The poem was inspired by the Church Rocks Wreck – the wreckage of a 16th century ship about 200m out to sea off Eastcliff.


Pay Her Homage
(Cathie Whatmough)

The mighty wrath of a turbulent night, sparing not a soul,
Cries unheard from shores nearby, drowning hopes and fears.
The enigma of a tragedy passed, concealed within the shallows.

Enshrouded in the ocean bed, she lies in deepest slumber,
pieces of a greater form, the flow of time suppressing.
Those bygone days and distant lives shall all now be perceived.

High above, a shaft of light, the weather is permitting,
The beauty of her tranquil state, revealing all with ease.
The search begins, they touch and see. Oh! This precious gift of wisdom!

Now, let her rest and pay her homage.  Peace with all at last.


Want to know more?  See Church Rocks Wreck


3 thoughts on “Pay Her Homage

  1. Viv Wilson

    I seem to remember a young woman named Cathie Whatmough who helped in the old Teignmouth Museum about 15 years ago. I only saw her once or twice and was struck by her unusual name. Later I discovered others also had this name in the town. Try Teignmuoth Oracle?

  2. pherecrates1 Post author

    Thanks Viv. I’ve left messages on Teignmouth Oracle a couple of times but no reply re Cathie. It is an unusual name isn’t it which is why I thought someone might recognise it. The other “unknown” poet in the file is “H Callaghan” – any ideas?

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