An Accident

A couple of weeks ago I managed to track down a copy of “Vagabond Verse”, an anthology by Thomas Henry Aggett (‘The Railway Poet’) published in 1894.  He wrote a number of poems related to Teignmouth which I’ll be posting over the coming months.  Whilst not the greatest poet of his time he produced an interesting collection of verse much of which was social commentary or observation of local and national events of his time.   This poem though reflects a different side of Aggett – some saucy humour.

An Accident
(Thomas Henry Aggett)

Our boat was floating down the Teign,
‘Twas pleasant on the water,
The boat containing only I
And somebody’s sweet daughter.
Since she had never felt love’s flame
For Cupid never sought her;
I explained to her who Ovid was,
And his art of love I taught her.

Now in our bosoms all supreme
The god of love was ruling;
I found the maid as pleased to learn,
As I to give her schooling.
But, ah! That curséd boat upset
While we were busy fooling;
And she and I with love and all
Were in the river cooling.

Want to know more?  Check out:  Thomas Aggett



3 thoughts on “An Accident

    1. pherecrates1 Post author

      Yes!! And there are a few more of his poems like that as well – a strange contrast to some of his more ‘romantic’ musings (he liked Tennyson) and satirical political commentary. But Keats Ghost and Teignmouth in Verse does not pass judgment – it’s just a vehicle for encapsulating all sorts of verse related over time to Teignmouth.

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