The Hooks in Teignmouth

The Hooks in Teignmouth

It’s interesting the impressions that different people have when thinking about and describing Teignmouth.

Adding to earlier posts of verse by Patrick Wolf and Don Pearson here’s an alternative view, ‘Mesh’, by Ian Chamberlain.  As with Don Pearson’s earlier poem it was inspired by a workshop with Barbara Sealey-Bowers.

Ian is one of the founders of ‘Poetry Teignmouth’


(Ian Chamberlain)

The churn of tides and Teign
stirs up a clinker-build
of brig and saltern, lime and herring
streets divided, steam and diesel…
life stories bogged in overlap.

History hunter comes to fish:
names, dates, information.
Tale catcher, scale remover
threads inquisitive nets
among the town’s foundations.

Passion of the seeker rakes the silt.
A long tongue of river speaks
of earth, fire, wind. And water
elemental in the sediment
of Sealeys, Hooks and Boynes.

(Sealey, Hook and Boynes are names of old fishing families in Teignmouth)

Want to know more?  Check out Poetry Teignmouth for more information about Ian Chamberlain

Other related poems by:

Don Pearson, and
Patrick Wolf


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