Walk This Way

Walk This Way Teignmouth

Walk This Way Teignmouth

This week is National Get Walking Week, part of the Walking for Health scheme.  Teignmouth’s local name for this scheme is ‘Walk This Way’ and there are two groups  who meet weekly to enjoy walking as a shared exercise.  Today’s verse is an exhortation to get walking.

Walk This Way

Don’t baulk at talk
of going for a walk.
Don’t sit, get fit,
get outside for a little bit.
First stride, take pride,
feel pleasure inside.
It’s not hard to promenade,
avoid the extra inch of lard.
No need to scramble through briar and bramble,
just go and peramble.
Go for a stroll, it’s good for the soul,
it makes yourself whole.

So “Get on yer bike” and go for a hike.
See what it’s like
when you smell the fresh air, feel the wind in your hair,
with no tyre to spare.
Put on a smile as you pass that first mile
and swagger with style.
It makes you feel good as you walk through the ‘hood’
and know that you would
be stronger, live longer,
to a group who feel cock-a-hoop
that they can now troop ….
for miles and miles and miles.

Inactivity kills.
To counter your ills don’t just take the pills,
but take to the hills.


Want to know more?   Check out ‘Walk This Way

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      1. Joe Fitzpatrick

        We’d like to use it on the website so could you pop over a high res version to my email? Thanks!

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