The Poet Clan

Festival brochure front pageThis was written on the final day of the first Teignmouth Poetry Festival – fantastic.

The approach to the poem and its content was inspired by a combination of:  Don Pearson’s poem ‘The Piper of Teignmouth’; Andy Brown’s idea of ‘having a rule’ – mine being to include the words ‘numen’, ‘haibun’ and ‘cynghanedd’; Roselle Angwin for being there as the lyrical maid and mentioning the three words.

Check out the link at the end for more information.

The Poet Clan

In Teignmouth did the poet clan
a pleasure-dome of verse decree
where Teign, the ancient river, ran
through channels measureless to man
down to the boundless sea.
In welcome rooms the fertile minds
in enclave gathered for all kinds
of cadent visions bright with sinuous thrills,
where flourished pens of sonnetry;
connecting senses ancient as the hills
dipped in honey’d pots of poetry.

Roselle Angwin with a dulcimer
of lilting words there I saw:
she was an eco-poet maid,
with vowels and consonants she played
tunes of Tamar-edged Dartmoor.
Could I revive within me
her River Suite, its song,
to such a deep delight ‘twould win me
that with haibun short and strong
I would fill that dome with care.
That honey’d dome whose caves entice!
And all who heard the stanzas rare
with muffled groans of mmmmm beware!
His flailing arms, his vacant stare!
Weave a circle round him thrice
and close your eyes with holy dread
for he on numen-dew hath fed,
cynghanedd milk of Paradise.

Want to know more?  Check out Poet Clan and the Poetry Festival


4 thoughts on “The Poet Clan

  1. roselle angwin

    I love it, Neil! And thank you for the lovely words, as well as the interesting discussion re science and spirituality. Just have to mention though that very sadly I can’t take credit for cynghanedd, though in fact I have written in that form, as well as in englynion, which Andy mentioned (though I know a different version of the form).

    Thanks, too, for the follow on my site.

    All best


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