Power to the People

Power to the People

Power to the People

Unknown to me part of the weekly health walking group I lead were photographed one day outside the public loo in protest at its proposed closure as a result of cutbacks to local service budgets.  The accompanying photograph originated from the local paper and the story prompted me to write the following verse.

The story had some resonance with the introduction of fresh water provision to the town 160 years ago.  See the link at the end.

Power to the People

I leave them for an instant,
a freeze-frame in time,
a sliver of a nanosecond
when they’re out of my sight.
And what do I find?

They’re rebels at heart, protesting their right,
believing the voice of the group just might,
just might, just might
make the local council humbly contrite
in the face of a budget increasingly tight.

The spirit of Mao, of Trotsky, of Che
got into the heart of the group that day
as with passion and pride I can hear them say:

“Walkers, walkers of the world unite,
join the revolution and light the light,
take up our fight against the plight
of the Teignmouth public loo;
for some day, just one day,
you’ll find you might
yourselves get caught short too!”

Want to know more?  Check out ‘Sanitation


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