Voyage of Discovery

This project, searching for poetry associated with Teignmouth is like a voyage of discovery.  For days you may wander in the wilderness and then suddenly you find some hidden treasures that make the journey worthwhile.

Historically, Teignmouth’s claim to poetic fame has always been that Keats stayed here in 1818 even though only for two months.  But I have now found a poem pre-dating Keats – coming soon in a future blog.  I have also found another poem about the Parson and Clerk, this one by Charles Causley, and some other works contemporaneous with Keats.

Interestingly there seems to be a big gap between Keats and Wilfred Owen.  If anyone out there knows any other poets or poetry associated with Teignmouth in the period between roughly 1820 and 1920 please let me know in the commentary.

Meanwhile back to Keats.  He arrived in Teignmouth on March 11th 1818 and wrote a few poems in the following weeks which I’ll be posting on the corresponding days this year.  See the next post for the first of these – “The Human Seasons”.


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