Whalebone Arch at start of Old Maids' Walk

Whalebone Arch at start of Old Maids’ Walk

Again prompted by a posting on the Teignmouth Oracle facebook page I dug out some notes I’d compiled a couple of years ago when doing some research on the history of the whalebone arches that once adorned one end of Teignmouth’s promenade.  It also prompted me to write the following poem.  At the end is a link to some photos and a short history of the arches.

Whalebone Arch

Whalebone arch,
jaw-bone relics
of leviathans that spanned the oceans deep.
In harmonies that haunt,
in melancholy melodies you speak
of Man the hunter
shunting through the waves
and you the prey,
speared, screaming whale-death song
in days long gone.

Whalebone arch,
cetaceous portal
that straddled once the Old Maids’ Walk,
garnering the goss,
the pitter-patter, chitter-chatter talk
of crinolined ladies
shimmering through your lips
on summer days
to Sprey Point or beyond.
Those days long gone.

Whalebone arch,
decayed with time,
eroded by the wave-lashed scything spray,
grandeur gone,
Georgian pomp that’s had its day
of faded glory.
The hoary dogs of war
ripped you apart
and dumped you on the tip where destiny belonged,
your days long gone.

Want to know more?  Go to the Whalebone Arch page


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