Teignmouth being pounded

Teignmouth being pounded

The two previous posts have concerned the sea, which plays a role in Teignmouth’s life every day.  This week has seen the “apocalyptic storm” hitting the Southwest coast.  Teignmouth has suffered along with other towns.  Someone was inspired to post a poem on the Teignmouth Oracle facebook site, which I have reproduced here …….


by Dorothy Dawson

From the river mouth across the bay
a blood red stain
The essence of our land, our wealth
scouring from the hills
The river fulfilling its task
bearing it away
Menacing, opaque, earthen, silt-laden, stone-bearing waves
Hurling skywards
Chisel out mortar, stones, slabs, chunks, sections, structures
reclaiming lost ground
The silly debris of builders’ unwise toil
Storm clouds churn across the unhappy sky
Rain whips
And Nature’s constant thunderous clamour shakes foundations
‘My turn!’

Want to know more?  Go to the following link on this site:

The Cruel Sea


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